We have apartments of different sizes: 50sqm, 75sqm, 90sqm and 140sqm.

The Abitare in Villa residential complex consists of nine apartments in a private area reserved for residents and is located a few meters from the historic center of Cantalupo in Sabina. It is accessed directly from the main avenue of the village through an automatic gate.
The layout of the buildings and their orientation on different levels allows each building unit to enjoy an enviable view, an absolute tranquility and at the same time a total independence of access and movement for each apartment.
Each apartment provides high quality standards:
Lamellar wood fixtures: resistant and not subject to annoying settling or crunching over time and treated with protective and non-toxic water paints and long-lasting.
Steel shutters : armored and at the same time easy to move, perfectly integrated into the architecture so as not to be visually heavy.
Insulation: walls insulated strictly according to the legal criteria that allow effective insulation from outside temperatures, from outside noise and especially from any noise coming from the neighbor. The roof, also insulated and micro-ventilated, ensures excellent insulation for those who choose the upper floor.
Energy saving: in addition to good insulation, a correct sizing of heating systems is required. Each dwelling has an integrated floor heating system with a condensing boiler and a solar panel system that guarantees the maximum in terms of thermal comfort and at the same time low cost of ownership.