The ‘Abitare in villa’ (Living in a Villa) project was born from the desire to create homes that can match the real needs of people.
Choosing Abitare in Villa means choosing comfort, space, greenery, the landscape and the tranquility of a house built according to the most modern construction criteria, it means deciding to invest in our wellbeing and in that of our children.

The apartments of “Abitare in villa” offer you the comfort and the independence of a villa without the problems of isolation or the excessive prices of a luxury residence.This is our proposal, if your desire is to eat, sleep, live, every day in a place that you really can feel as a place of serenity and tailored to your needs, contact us and come and visit us to get your own idea. Seeing with yourown eyes is the best way to evaluate.


The first thing we ask of the house where we live is that it is comfortable. Comfort is a concept that encompasses many others: tranquillity, adequate space, the convenience of being able to live according to our habits without obstacles.

But comfort also means not having problems of isolation from noise and external temperature and means above all not having to worry about the functionality of the place where we live.


Often in order to seek tranquility we are forced to pay the price of isolation. Our housing proposal is structured to allow autonomy and privacy without renouncing safety.

The apartments of “Abitare in Villa” are inside a private residential complex and all the apartments on the ground floor provide armoured shutters and grilles in every window, moreover the presence of other apartments nearby guarantees a psychological tranquillity that no security system could be able to guarantee.


Each apartment is independent. The spaces are designed to allow each owner to use his own space (garage, garden, access, etc.) in a completely independent way.Free from any conditioning.

The apartments are divided in the most rational way: the possibility of creating mezzanines, the layout of the rooms, the size of the living rooms and the convenience of the closets allow you to live your home by making the most of every space according to your habits. Each apartment has a private garage of at least 40sqm.

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